Three brief actions

The approach to treating individuals who drink hazardously or harmfully consists of three brief measures.

  • Measure Nr. 1 deals with the individual who drinks hazardously or harmfully on the deepest level. It refers to identifying adults who drink alcohol hazardously or harmfully and to support in the form of consultations to stop excessive drinking habits. These measures are being executed in participating health facilities and social care centres in 18 local areas around Slovenia.
  • Measure Nr. 2 informs about the harmfulness of excessive alcohol consumption and directs patients to where they can be helped to quit hazardous or harmful alcohol consumption. We thus wish to provide information to healthcare workers. As experts, they meet patients who drink hazardously or harmfully on a daily basis.
  • Measure Nr. 3 refers to an approach which takes place in the non-governmental sector and employment services offices. It is based on informing and guiding individuals by sharing materials and organizing training/workshops on the topic of healthy living. Individuals who need help to stop  abusing alcohol are being directed to experts who deal with the matter in depth.
  • Measure Nr. 1 – an in-depth conversation with an individual.
  • Measure Nr. 2 – brief advice: informing and guiding an individual.
  • Measure Nr. 3 – informing individuals and the public.

Who carries out these brief actions?

  • Measure Nr. 1: family doctor, occupational physician, registered nurse/registered family caregiver, registered nurse/registered community caregiver, individual consultant in the health education centre or health promotion centre, workshop performer in health education centre or health promotion centre, associate professionals in social care centres.
  • Measure Nr. 2: Obstetrics and gynaecology specialist, cardiology specialist, healthcare worker in urgent care centres, healthcare worker in blood establishments, dentist, oncology specialist, gastroenterology specialist, otolaryngology specialist.
  • Action Nr. 3: non-governmental organisations that work in different fields and carry out programmes which also deal with vulnerable groups. The Slovene Employment Service is participating in the SOPA approach with experts from the field of career orientation, employment and unemployment.