Who is the SOPA for?

With the SOPA approach, we wish to reach adult Slovenes who directly or indirectly suffer from the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption and offer them support to change hazardous and harmful drinking habits and thus help them on the path to a better quality of life. Adults can reach for help with different organisations and experts.

By raising awareness via the media, by organizing public events and by cooperating with the non-governmental sector, we wish to indirectly reach all members of society: children, the youth, and the elderly. We will also address experts and different groups of people with certain vulnerabilities. During the project, special attention will be given to the media as we wish to create recommendations for responsible reporting on alcohol-related topics.


The project involves the media who report responsibly, the healthcare sector acting in the fields of health and welfare, the social sector caring for quality of life and relationships, non-governmental organisations working for inclusion, municipalities establishing healthy communities, the police ensuring safety and accountability and the Slovene Agency for Employment by notifying people of employment opportunities.