Who is SOPA for?

The SOPA approach aims to support adult Slovenes who are directly or indirectly affected by the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. We offer assistance to help them change hazardous and harmful drinking habits, thereby improving their quality of life. Adults can seek help from various organizations and experts.

Through media campaigns, public events, and collaboration with non-governmental organizations, we strive to raise awareness and indirectly reach all members of society: children, youth, and the elderly. We have also focused on experts and vulnerable groups. Special attention was given to the media to develop recommendations for responsible reporting on alcohol-related topics.

Project Participants

The project engaged various participants, including:

  • The media, committed to responsible reporting.
  • The healthcare sector, focusing on health and welfare.
  • The social sector, dedicated to improving quality of life and relationships.
  • Non-governmental organizations, promoting inclusion.
  • Municipalities, working to establish healthy communities.
  • The police, ensuring safety and accountability.
  • The Slovene Agency for Employment, providing information on employment opportunities.

Each participant played a crucial role in creating a comprehensive and effective approach to addressing alcohol consumption and its related issues.