How SOPA functions

SOPA trains different experts and other active members of the society in such a way that one is informed about what alcohol consumption means for health on many different occasions and can check their “drinking status”. If one discovers that it would make sense to reduce alcohol consumption, one is empowered to do it without any strong feeling of giving up but with a good feeling of awareness about the meaning of better personal health and better well-being in general. In the next 3 years, the project’s activities are set on a national, regional and local level because we want to be effective, work with individuals, their relatives and people in the field. This is the only way to change attitudes towards alcohol consumption in our society. Furthermore, we will collaborate actively with the media, as they influence reality by choosing content and ways of presenting it and consequently our attitude to a certain topic or content.


The SOPA project trains experts, gives guidelines for the media, links all project collaborators in local communities and forms a common approach to treat an individual (KU1–KU3).

Each project participant can significantly contribute to shaping a common alcohol policy using their expertise and experience. A true effect can only be achieved by linking and cooperating all of us which is also the aim of this project.